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If you are a Christian and you want you have children and now you are worried about the education of your children along with the ethics of Christianity. Then, we happen to be the school in which you will get exactly what you are looking for. Oxley Christian College is a school for Christians that has coeducation system plus you child can study in junior school to high school. It is the best Christian school in the area and for the people who happen to be living in the area of Lilydale, Ringwood, Croydon and all the surrounding areas. The life in the school is amazing, students are taught about the beliefs and ethics of Christ, the laws and rules of bible so that they can thrive in the world with their religious background. Obviously, it is important for your child to have the understanding of bible and to implement the rules of bible in the daily life.

Students at this school are engaged in high quality education and are indulged in a number of co-curricular activities which all have a lesson and moral so that they can implement these lessons in their lives and live like good people. We help our students to get the confidence that they need and face the reality of the world. We continuously focus on the positive Christian moral values and standards which help the students to be a better person and live their life to their best. We encourage our students to bloom in this society where they can work with dignity and compassion. The students are encouraged to take part in the activities where they will be learning more about Christianity and the values that bible has implemented on them. Our main goal is to make our students the best in class in studies and in religion too.

In order to know more about the good schools in Melbourne, we let the parents come to school at specific dates so that you can know more about the school and the moral values that we teach here and moreover, your child will have a chance to know more about the school and will be able to see the different areas in school. The school has good environment, all the class rooms are state of the art and air conditioned. There are huge sports grounds in which the students prove their playing capabilities. We have a top-class Oxley stadium in which we have our final matches and competitions. The chapel, theatre, computer labs and lot more things are there in the school. In order to know more about the school, we can arrange a visit for you and you will be guided more about the school.